Bees - Help our honey bees early in the spring

Bees are up and ready to go as early as possible every spring. As soon as there is any kind of warm day, they start their never ending search for pollen, however early in the season this can present a problem. There are very few flowers blooming! We had a very late spring this year in Comox. At least three weeks later than where we should be normally. Our first flowers out were crocus. I noticed one sunny day, there were bees everywhere! Some flowers had two or three bees in them at the same time! All of them had large pollen balls adhered to their legs as they went flower to flower. Crocus obviously are a very important early season flower for these important insects. If you have not planted any, or have a few, consider planting a lot more in the fall, so bees can have more of these flowers next spring. I will be planting more that's for sure! They will also give you great opportunities to get some closeups of the bees in action. They were quite content to let me get very close and just continue on with their business!

Help our bees, plant crocus!

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