Tips: Rule of Thirds

Going to start adding some basic photo taking tips to help those of you who are new to the game, or who just want to take it more seriously. If you consider these things when taking your pics, you will instantly see more interest, creativity and balance in your photos.

Rule of Thirds: The reason we consider this, is to achieve balance in the images you are composing. Placing the subject in the middle rarely if ever gives a good shot. Placing the main subject or main lines at certain points in the image creates much more interest and balance.

Divide the image in your viewfinder in to thirds, both horizontally and vertically, creating basically a tic tac toe grid over what you are looking at. The areas where the lines cross or lay generate the greatest points of interest. These points are where your main subjects in the image should be placed in your composition. The parts of the image where you want attention to be drawn to. You do not need to have something on all points or lines; usually its just one or two, but doing this is what creates the eye pleasing balance in your composition.

Some cameras allow for the grid to show up in the actual viewfinder, however its pretty easy to just visualize that tic tac toe screen in your head.

Examples are shown in the images that go along with this post.

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