Phew! Whats that smell

It's that time of year again, and one of the earliest flowering plants has started, Skunk Cabbage is its most widely known name. Striking bright yellow flowers usually in darker wet areas in the forest. This unique, tropical-looking flower emits a skunky scent to attract insect pollinators.Even though it is called skunk cabbage, I have not experienced a bad aroma when I have been photographing them. The species loves wet places both shaded and sunny. The largest plants inhabit shady sites along streams, but flowering plants are most abundant in open settings. Skunk Cabbage grows from a short thick underground root-stem (rhizome). Numerous large white roots anchor the plant firmly in the muck. Huge egg- to lance-shaped leaves arise vertically from the rhizome. The leaves are usually shiny, bright green and waxy It contains substances that can be harmful, so caution is required. Another week I think and they will be at their best, still a little early, but many nice shots to be had. Will do a few more next week.

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