Sometimes you have a shot in mind, however you never seem to be able to make it happen, then one day, suddenly with little warning, there it is! Timing is everything, thinking ahead as to what would be the best time to get a certain shot, making sure you get there for that time, and carry your camera with you when possible, because often those shots are there for a brief moment. You don;t have long enough to go home and get your gear. The number of times I have been out and seen conditions setting themselves up for an amazing shot bit didn't have my camera, getting home as fast as I could then getting to a spot I know I could compose a nice image, and poof its gone just before you get there. Timing is everything. These shots I hadn't planned on doing this, however I noticed there were some interesting clouds forming. Grabbed my gear and headed down to the water, and boom, there it was, perfect timing with a spot of luck! Best times for those dramatic shots, earlier morning and early evening when the sunlight is warm and low in the sky and gives nice shadows and contrast. That mid day sun can be quite harsh.

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