The other night taking photos was not on my mind when I took the dog for a walk. However things can change instantly! As we approached the local pond in a small natural area, I noticed immediately a bird I have been trying to get close to for ages was swimming around happily with the local Mallards. Not only was he there, but the evening light was perfect. As soon as we made it back home, I grabbed the camera bag and drove back over as I had no idea if he would still be there or if I would lose the light. No worries, he was still there and allowed me to get close, as the pond is not very big really. The water was perfectly still except for when one of the Mallards landed or took off, so managed to get shots I have waited a long time for of this particular bird. Just goes to show, when opportunity knocks, take advantage of it! It's been a few days now, and I have not seen this bird there again. Just before leaving a family of Mallards swam into the scene, these ducklings couldn't be more than a couple of days old!!

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