SeaLions love Powell River

Decided to head over to Powell River from Comox Jan 15 to check out reports of an extremely large herd of Sea lions that have taken up or should I say taken over the breakwater near the mill. Took the 6am ferry over and sure enough they were there. We had hoped for a sunny day as that was in the forecast, however there was a good fog that din't lift. This meant high ISO settings but regardless the scene was amazing. More and more showed up as we were there, and by the time we had to leave to catch the return ferry, there were double the number there were when we arrived. Never seen so many in one spot, and they are mesmerizing to watch. Remember when shooting scenes like this don't get caught up in shooting individuals, look at the entire scene and watch your backgrounds and content. Even though we didn't get the early morning sun we expected, the fog effect gave us something different!

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