Trumpeter Swan Photography | Canada

Many Trumpeter Swans spend the winter here in the bay. It is always a joy to get to spend time photographing these majestic birds. When its cold, and especially when the fields they forage in during the day are covered in snow, they roost on the water. Once morning arrives, they start to wake up, stretch their legs, do some preening and then take off to forage for the day. This is the time to get yourself set up and catch them as they are getting ready to take off. If you are ready you can capture them as they lift off! Set yourself up so you have an uncluttered background as possible so you don't lose the birds in the clutter. Also do not get too focused on one location, you may miss a group of birds coming from another location. Figure out which direction they go, and how high up they will probably be where you are located. Move to another location if they are too low or too high to get in front of your selected background area. Depending on the light you have the choice of aperture or shutter speed priority. I tend to use the shutter speed priority in order to minimize blurring. If I want a larger depth of field then I switch to Aperture priority. Once they are all gone for the day, its off for a coffee to warm up and reflect on the beauty you have had the privilege of watching!

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