It's Herring Season

It's that time of year again, where millions of small herring fish come to our neck of the woods to spawn. Sadly this is the last significant herring spawning area left, they are going the same way as the Atlantic Cod. I sympathize with the families who rely on any fishery for a livelihood, but taking more and more is going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Herring are the bees of the sea. Lose them and hosts of other marine mammals and fish will suffer immensely. Salmon and Orca to name a few. They are the base of the food chain, and are vital for a healthy ocean ecosystem. Let's hope human activity doesn't send this last fishery into oblivion. We hear so much its the sea lions, seals, and

we need to remove them as they are the reason stocks go down. Sorry, I don't buy it. Just like all the others it's human activity. Sea lions and seals have been around for a lot longer than humans. That being said, I spent an amazing afternoon sitting on a rock at high tide watching an epic scene take place with immense numbers of birds and sea lions enjoying the bounty, Sun was out and it was a beautiful warm day. I only left when the incoming tide was tickling my feet.

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